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Ride the Tide cocktail – At The Caribbean

Summer is coming to an end. But not At The Caribbean! Time to give you an extra Caribbean cocktail recipe to last your summer longer! The best part of this cocktail is that – although it looks very tropic – you can drink it anytime of the year at anyplace of the world. Why? Because of the ingredients and the food that you can pair it with! Time to Ride the Tide with this cocktail.

Ride the Tide - At The Caribbean - Cocktail

The name of the cocktail, its ingredients and foodpairing

I called this cocktail the Ride the Tide. Why? I invented it by accident when I was trying to remember a cocktail I found on the internet. By mistake (note to myself, always use bookmarks) I took the wrong ingredients and mixed them in cocktail shaker. The result was pretty good so I decided to keep it in mind and write down the recipe. And what is a cocktail without a name?

It was a nice summer afternoon, after working time and I really felt like taking the day as it comes. So that’s why I called it Ride the Tide! Live life the way it occurs.

The base of this cocktail is gin, blue curacao and bitter lemon. It pairs really good with spiced food as i.e. Indian curry, Asian dumplings and even a Caribbean salad with mango. And of course foodpairing isn’t a obligation. Drink it the way you want to and you feel to! Only that way you can live the life you like…

The Ride the Tide recipe

Interested in this cocktail? Check the complete recipe on the website of At The Caribbean and make your own! Don’t forget to post a picture of your cocktail and maybe the food you are pairing it with on Instagram and tag us!

Enjoy your drink!

Ride the Tide - Gin & Blue Curaca - At the Caribbean

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