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Are you in for a bit more leisure and pleasure in your life?

Live the good life!

These days life isn’t easy. Lots of things are going on around the world. Things we have no influence on. How can we stand the negativity of the world around us? By dreaming of a place where you would love to be. A place that is on top of your bucket list. Just imagine that the life you live at that specific place, is the life you will live at home. That life is what I call… the good life. No matter where that life is – in the city, at the mountains, on the beach, in the woods – or when that life is – winter, summer, spring and even autumn! Each spot and each time of the year provides you the good life, even if you are not around that spot. That’s where quintie comes in… Time for a bit more leisure and pleasure in your life!

Why Leisure and pleasure?

I am really convinced that when you pay more attention to leisure and pleasure, your life will be more relaxed. It doesn’t mean that you have to quit work. Make your hobby your work and embed the spirit of leisure and pleasure in your daily life. You will find out that life will be much easier! Life is too short to be stressed all day. Let quintie guide you the way…

My tips and tricks

Want to know how I experience my good life? First of all I facilitate people with their vacation on Aruba. I provide them a holiday rental (Casa Galpy) and support them with arranging activities during their stay. My second initiative is a website regarding the Caribbean Life. At The Caribbean provides you tips about how to live the Caribbean life at home. I will publish interesting and matching blog posts from those sites on this site too. Why? Because the Caribbean breathes Leisure and Pleasure! The third one is this ‘Leisure and Pleasure by quintie’ blog. And at last – but not at least – I am working on a new project. What that project is? Just come back on a regular base to stay up to date.

Start enjoying your life by enjoying day after day. Keep in touch!

Pat Quintelier – aka quintie
Chief Enjoying Officer

The initiatives

Casa Galpy – Sunny Holidays at Aruba

Experience the One Happy Island

Vacation time! Where else can you live the good life than on the One Happy Island? Take a look at Casa Galpy, a lovely holiday rental at Aruba to start planning your next vacation destination.

At The Caribbean – Live the Caribbean Life

At the Caribbean travel blog

Live the good life or live the Caribbean life? Or both? Check At the Caribbean to find recipes of cocktails and dishes, travel tips and memories and last but not least… tips to live the Caribbean life at home. Enjoy!